Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Upcoming Events

All Times Pacific / SL Time 

Mon. Sept 19th 3PM Declan Greenfield Saxophonist/Singer Live from the Queen of Hearts in Second Life.
Mon. 8-10pm   The Evening Becomes EKlipetic w/ Klipe Wirefly

Tue. Sept 20th 2PM Declan Greenfield Saxophonist/Singer Live from Social Club Piano Jazz Club in Inworldz.
Tue. 8-10pm   DJ Wink live from the Lost Horizon  (rawk, metal, pop)

Thu. Sept 22nd 3PM Declan Greenfield Saxophonist/Singer Live from Too Easy/Southern Heart in Second Life.

SAT. 8-10pm DJ Wink's rawk mix from The Tavern

Coming soon! Live Performances from Declan Greenfield, UK Saxophonist & Singer with Jazzy tunes to feed the soul. Concert dates now announced.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Show Times :: Staff Use

All Times Pacific Time / SL Time

MON. 8-10pm The Evening Becomes EKlipetic w/ Klipe Wirefly

TUE. 8-10pm Wink's rawk mix from The Tavern


THU. 5-7PM DJ Julianna Michigan from Too Easy Rock & Blues Club


SAT. 8-10pm Wink's rawk mix from The Tavern


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Join us "in world" on Second Life!

We 'DJ' on S.L. at Night Clubs and Venues there, and when you listen to our radio show you are hearing the same thing that guests at the S.L. Night Club we're DJ'ing at are hearing.
To join us "in world" at one of our Night Club events just...

S.L. is like Facebook - only in 3D.  And it's FREE.

To get there, go to the Phoenix Viewer Download Page and DL the Viewer for your computer - Windows, Mac, whatever.  A "Viewer" is a Browser just like any web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome – except it's used to display text and images from the Second Life Platform (aka "S.L.").  You can't see S.L. without a Viewer, so... install the Phoenix Viewer, then open it.  It will take a few moments for the Viewer to open.  When it opens click the "Sign up for account" Link in the lower right corner of the Viewer.  The Link will open your "default browser" - Internet Explorer, Firefox, whatever - and take you to the S.L. signup page.
Do Not Use Your Real Name to sign up for an account.  The S.L. Name You Choose will be your S.L. Login, so... choose carefully.  Something funny and/or sexy, exotic works best.  But, if you plan on working on there not Too sexy or Too funny.  Can't be too exotic though.  Exotic is fine!  Choose your "cartoon character" 'Look.'  Don't worry about how awful they look, you will get the "Look" you want once you get on S.L.  I'm not sure of the signup process after you choose your S.L. name, but if they ask you to Download their Viewer don't bother. You have already DL'd one.  And, it's better than their "official" one (in my opinion).
I'm pretty sure once you choose an S.L. name and character (or "avie") you're good to go!  You're signed up!  So, just go back to your open Phoenix Viewer and Log In with the name you just gave yourself.  It will take a minute or two to open up the first time.  Once the Viewer finally opens you will see your character from behind gazing upon S.L.  Welcome to S.L.!!  You're in!  Need help getting around just ask for me, on S.L. as "Wink Edelman" (or any of the DJs here) for help.  To find me, click the 'Search' button at the bottom of the Viewer (bottom center). Click the "People" Tab, and in the "Find" Box type my name: Wink Edelman.  My 'Profile' card will open with all kinds of info about yours truly.  Just click the IM button to send an IM and I'll help get you out of wherever the S.L. gods dropped you.
Join us at one of our Club Events!  We'd love to see you in 3D!